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Rebar/Threaded steel--Chart
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    Unit:Yuan per ton

Copper CathodeHigh pressure Cupper Mill BerryCopper Mill Berrycopper chops from insulated copperCopper chopsred copperThick enameled wire (≧1.2 mm)Enamelled wire(≧0.5mm)Thin enamel wire (<0.5mm)1# copper CandyCopper scrapsRed machine copperLarge machine copperSmall mahine copperBrass HoneyBrass EbonytankBrass turning62% Cu brassBell metalA00 aluminum ingotWrought aluminium ingotaluminum UBC ingotFragile aluminum ingotMiscellaneous wrought aluminumAluminum UBCAluminium tankSection barUsed material of profileSpray profileAluminium rolling doorAlloy chipsBright aluminum wireAluminum wireRusted aluminum wireRust-free aluminum wireSteel wire aluminum wireDrawn aluminum wireAirframePistonMotorcycle wheelMechanical aluminiumCivilian aluminumFragile aluminum scrapNon-standard frangible aluminum scrapShredded aluminiumShredded Fragile aluminumAluminum chips (price*aluminum yield)Hanging roof (price*aluminum yield)1 # zinc ingotMachine zincMiscellaneous zinc1 # lead ingotLead tubeMiscellaneous leadWhite batteryBlack batteryMiner's lampRebar/Threaded steel1# nickelStainless steel containing 20% nickel316 stainless steel304 stainless steelFragile stainless steelDecorative steelY type motor ≧ 7.5 kilowattsY type motor < 7.5 kilowattsOld fashional motorLong compressorLarge compressorSmall compressorImmersible pump(submersible pump)Aluminum core motorSJ transformerS9 series transformer with less than 50 KVAS9 series transformer with 80 KVAS9 series transformer with more than 100 KVAManganese steelInstrument transformer(mutual inductor)Scrap tin (63%)Mechanical magnesium

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